New VS Used Food Truck for Sale: Which to Consider?

There’s no doubt that there are distinct advantages to opening a food truck business instead of a restaurant. For instance, you won’t need to rent commercial space, and if you think customers aren’t able to find you, you don’t have to stay in one place. You still have to pay for utilities, but the costs won’t be as high as if you’d opened a restaurant.

Whatever your reasons for starting a food truck business, one of the first things you need to do is find and buy the right truck. When it comes down to it, buying a new food truck or a used one is often preferable to renting a food truck. That said, here are the most important things to note about buying a new food truck compared to buying a used one.

Pros of Buying a New Food Truck

A new food truck can be fully customized

When you buy a new food truck, the back of it will be a blank canvas, meaning you can plan the layout to make the most of the space. You can even get the truck in a particular color or have decorations added. In other words, you can ensure the truck will help promote your new business.

New food trucks won’t need major repairs

Since you’re dealing with a brand new vehicle, you can rest easy knowing that you don’t have to bring it in for any major maintenance and repairs for at least a year. Plus, it’s likely to come with a great warranty, so if something needs fixing earlier, chances are slim that you’ll have to pay out of pocket.

Cons of Buying a New Food Truck

A new food truck is expensive

Like any new vehicle, new food trucks can be costly, especially if you’re going to add features and outfit the back portion. On top of that, all that customization means that you’ll have to wait longer after purchasing before you can drive the truck from the dealership.

You may not be able to expand when needed

Speaking of costs, spending so much upfront may mean that you won’t have the budget to renovate your truck or get a second one if your business outgrows the size of your truck. It may not happen, but you wouldn’t want to be stuck without proper funding if it does, because being unable to keep up with demand may well lead to unhappy customers.

Pros of Buying a Used Food Truck

A used food truck is cheaper than a new one

If you know you’ll have difficulty getting funding for your food truck business venture, then there’s nothing wrong with buying a used food truck. This could be a great choice for you because you can then devote more of your budget to other things like advertising, ingredients, and making sure you can pay your staff a fair wage. With proper research and the help of the right platform, it’s possible to get the best deals for secondhand trucks. You would find used food trucks for sale under 5000 or around 10000 dollars if you just know where to look.

Used food trucks eliminate the need for planning a layout

If layouts aren’t your strong suit, then a food truck that’s already been retrofitted with the necessary equipment means you just have to see if the layout of the back portion works for you and your staff. You also won’t have to think about what equipment to get. This lessens preparation and planning time, so you can get your business off the ground that much quicker.

Cons of Buying a Used Food Truck

There’s a risk of expensive repairs

When a used mobile food truck is involved, you don’t know how well the previous owner cared for it, so there’s always a possibility of having to bring it in for costly maintenance and repair work. Unless you have a backup food truck, this will mean days when you won’t be open to serving customers. If you take good care of the truck once you get it, though, you could lessen the possibility of it needing major repairs soon after purchase.

How Much Do Food Trucks Cost?

As you can see, there’s nothing wrong with buying a used food truck. In fact, it may be the best choice if you’re just starting. To get a better idea of how much a used food truck will cost, you can browse our listings here.

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