Starting a Pizza Truck Business

Looking for something to eat that’s cheap and quick? Find the food truck nearest you! Where before, mobile kitchens sold only bland coffee and plastic-wrapped sandwiches to factory workers, today, the practice has evolved into a lucrative business - restaurants-on-the-go specializing in unique, tasty, and delicately prepared meals at incredibly low prices.  

Yes, almost all types of food sold at brick-and-mortar restaurants can now be found in restaurant-on-wheels: meat, fish and chicken-based sandwiches, soups, burgers, tacos, noodles/ramen, spaghetti, vegan food, barbecues, ice cream, desserts, and of course – pizza!

If you’ve been dreaming of setting up your enterprise, make it a pizzeria restaurant business. By now, you should start looking for a pizza truck for sale that fits your budget and requirements.

Pizza Pie Concerns

Pizzeria owners/operators are taking advantage of the trend, ‘striking while the iron is hot’, so to speak. The biggest advantage of a pizza food truck is its mobility that lets you reach events or areas that are otherwise unreachable by traditional establishments - fairs and festivals, farmers’ markets, sports events, outdoor cinemas, and even pizza-catered parties and celebrations.

However, there’s one thing unique about the pizza-on-wheels business that’s not a usual concern in most food truck operations, and that’s how to maintain the quality of pizza from the time the dough is prepared, cooked, and until it reaches the shelf and sold out to customers.

Remember that pizza pie is ideally eaten fresh from the oven. One secret that successful entrepreneurs share is to use pre-made dough balls already pre-portioned. No worries about the dough losing its integrity as it can still be stretched even if it has been prepared way ahead of time. Be sure your dough is fresh and ready to cook at any given moment.

Another major concern is the oven. Remember, it’s just a mere food truck with limited space so how can you fit the pizza-exclusive oven in that cramped area? If you’re considering a brick oven, or a gas-fired or wood-fired oven, should it be a food truck or a food trailer?

Of course, a wood oven pizza truck has ample space inside to fit a 3-compartment sink, fridge, and other equipment which is very convenient for the pizza baker. Meanwhile, a brick oven pizza trailer could be a lot cheaper than your average food truck especially if you already have a vehicle that’s capable of towing.

Another factor to consider is, that you’d still be needing a preparation table if it’s not pre-made dough you’ll be using. With that, comes the issue of storage space for your dry and cold ingredients. All of these and other important concerns must be taken into consideration in the making of your business plan.  

Pizza Truck Business Ideas

Again, there’s still this apprehension that what if your pizzeria doesn’t sell enough? Surely, it’s a great idea to sell other baked specialties and goodies as well. Here are the suggested items to sell that go well with your pizzeria:
  • Bread and tarts
  • Coffee and sparkling beverages
  • Soups and pasta dishes
  • Veggie salads
  • Beer!!
But, if your mind is fixed on pizzeria, get the right tools and learn the skills. In this business, speed in cooking is of utmost importance besides your food truck’s cool vibes.

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