Beverage Truck Business Ideas You Should Consider

From the most recent data acquired from an industry research firm, it appears that in the United States, the active food truck businesses are nearing 30,000 this year. The growth's become more apparent in 2016 since entrepreneurs chose to have a wheeled business concept to start up or expand their companies.

Many small businesses and first-time food entrepreneurs are gaining much profit from their food and beverage trucks. And these individuals do not only settle for being stagnant. In truth, they explore different and practical strategies to meet the demands of their customers, create innovative menus and promos, high-quality food and services and compete with the industry.

So, if you are seriously considering being among these successful entrepreneurs and interested in a drinks truck business, here's what you can do. And other great ideas you can start with for business inspiration!

How to start your beverage and food truck business?

Initially, you have to know your niche. Since you have already decided on it, move forward to finding the best techniques and strategies you learn.

Your goal is for your people to associate the words "the best beverage in the city" immediately with your specific menu and offers. Aside from these, you also have the advantage of playing around with a theme or concept for your business.

What are the most eye-catching beverage truck themes?

Drink trucks are pretty popular as they are indeed diverse and instantly catch consumers' attention. You can play with a concept that fits the menu you're selling from your mobile unit, such as:
  • Cocktail trucks are a big hit for private functions and weddings, where you can serve Sangria, Mojito, Pink negroni, and more.
  • Smoothie or juice for your customers craving a wide variety of fresh flavors from fruits and vegetables, like oranges, apples, pineapples, watermelon, mango, cucumber, ginger, lime, etc.
  • Nobody can resist boba tea, especially with that creamy milk, chewy tapioca, and wide-ranging flavors of green, salted caramel, hazelnut, and mango milk tea with different sinkers.
  • Coffee trucks are a crowd favorite because who doesn't love coffee? You will quickly get the attention of your coffee lovers in the city by offering some iced coffee, cold and hot brews, Americano, Cappuccino, Latte, and some beverage truck specialties.
  • Do you love beer? So do lots of people! It's a market that's thriving day in and out. It's a great choice to have a mobile catering and provide craft beer drinks like Brown ale, American pale ale, India pale ale, American Wheat & Hefeweizen, and more!

Plan the financial projections, financing, and find the best beverage truck.

Your business planning is crucial, and it needs to be in great detail. Everything you wish to pursue and the direction should be comprehensive, along with the financial projections for the initial three years in the industry and financing considerations like truck loans, credits, personal savings, or equity.

Whether the vehicle is used or brands new, it's also critical to select a truck with a new or existing kitchen.

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