Top Business Ideas for Your All-Purpose Food Truck

You may get tired of hearing or reading this, but it is true that opening a food truck instead of a brick-and-mortar restaurant is a better choice for those who want to try running their own food and beverage business. There’s less risk involved, upfront costs and investment for a food truck are lower in comparison, and you can try out different areas to set up shop and see which one works best for you.

What kind of food truck you open is, of course, up to you. It may be a good idea to consider an all-purpose food truck.

Why an All-Purpose Food Truck?

As you can guess from the name, an all-purpose food truck may not focus on a particular meal or time of day. This may run counter to what most others would say, but it opens up several avenues of opportunity. For example, because you’re likely to open early enough to catch the breakfast crowd and stay open long enough for people who want to grab an early dinner, you have more time to get as many customers as possible.

Second, your menu can be as broad or as specific as you want. For instance, you can serve typical breakfast fare in the morning, then switch the menu later to offer food more suited for lunch and dinner. Or you can focus on one particular food item and change the varieties available to fit the time of day. You can serve drinks to go with the meals, too.

Third, since you’re running an all-purpose food truck, few people - if any - will question your menu. You don’t have to decide between, say, pasta and rice dishes, or sandwiches and tacos. Anything goes, as long as you don’t go overboard and run out of storage space.

All-Purpose Food Truck Business Ideas

As mentioned above, you’re limited only by your imagination and your storage when it comes to what kind of food your all-purpose food truck will serve. If you want to specialize in a particular food item, there’s no reason the food truck can’t still be all-purpose, especially if you switch things up to fit the time of day.

  • Serve burgers that have sunny-side up or scrambled eggs for breakfast, and ‘regular’ burgers (read: remove the egg) for lunch and dinner
  • Waffles and a variety of savory toppings or sides for main meals, then have sweet toppings and sides for any other time
  • Salads with sliced hard-boiled eggs, switching the eggs for fish, chicken, beef, and pork for lunch and dinner
  • Sandwiches - like burgers, the protein portion will change depending on the time of day

You can also serve a wider variety of dishes instead of different varieties of a specific dish.

  • Replace your breakfast menu of waffles and pancakes with one for salad, pasta, and soup once lunchtime rolls around
  • Serve eggs, sausages, and bacon in the morning; keep the sausages but swap out the eggs and bacon with other side dishes for lunch and dinner
  • Offer congee or lighter noodle dishes in the morning, then switch them out for heavier, more filling Asian-inspired dishes from lunchtime onward

Need a better idea of how much storage you’ll have to work with so you can finalize what kind of menu you’ll have? can help you find an all-purpose food truck for sale so you can do just that.

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