Taco Truck Business Ideas

If you've thought about starting a business in the food and beverage industry, you may be trying to decide what kind of business, and what to focus on. For many new business owners, a food truck is the best of both worlds, since it’s mobile like a food cart but is generally seen as hygienic as a restaurant.

It's worth remembering that a food truck business has several advantages to it over a full-size restaurant. For example, the initial investment isn’t as big, so you have more funds for other expenses. You can also potentially attract more customers because of how mobile a food truck is, so you’re not forced to stay in one place. On the downside, you need to stick to a relatively small menu because of the limited storage space. If you start a taco food truck, though, small storage space won’t be a problem.

Why A Taco Truck?

Tacos are a familiar sight in full-service and fast-food restaurants, so you’ll have difficulty finding a person who hasn’t tried it at least once. While simple, a taco can be a hearty meal in itself because of the filling. At the same time, it’s anything but boring because of the options available for the shell, proteins, and toppings.

As hinted above a taco food truck will let you work with the limited storage space you may find you have without compromising the quality of the food you serve. Even if you offer four different kinds of proteins and they take up most of the space, you’ll still have enough left for the shells and the toppings.

Finally, tacos are actually a healthy fast-food option, especially if you choose to make the sauces from scratch in your food truck and source the veggies from a farmer’s market. This doesn’t just cut costs but also allows you to have more control over what ingredients make it into the taco shell.

Taco Food Truck Business Ideas and Menu Items

With how many food trucks there are, you need to come up with some ideas to make yours stand out, especially if there’s another taco truck nearby.

One way to do this is to capitalize on your location somehow, whether through the menu, decorations, or both. Here are a few examples.
  • Focus on fish and seafood tacos for a food truck in a coastal city
  • Offer different cheese toppings known for various cheeses
  • Include shredded or diced potatoes in places where potatoes are a crowd favorite
  • Play up pork, beef, and other red meat options in meat-loving cities

Another idea you can try is to offer unusual fillings or different sauces. A new take on a familiar dish is usually enough to bring in a curious crowd of customers.
  • Roasted sweet potatoes
  • Shiitake mushrooms and walnuts instead of meat
  • Ham or bacon and scrambled eggs for all-day breakfast tacos
  • Mango salsa to counter rich or spicy taco toppings
  • Corn salsa using grilled corn

If you want to create a more interactive experience for your customers, you can have them opt to make their own tacos instead of choosing from your regular menu. You’ll need to keep track of what proteins and toppings are most popular, though, to make sure you don’t run out of any of them for the day. You’ll also want to make sure you have a list of the fillings available, and ensure that the price per portion for each one isn’t too high.

All in all, starting a taco food truck doesn’t have to be as complicated or as daunting as you think, as long as you have a solid business plan and several ideas to make your food truck stand out. And if you’re looking for a taco truck for sale, you can start searching on our website FoodTruckForSale.com. You’ll have no difficulty finding an affordable one that meets your needs.

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