For Buyers

Why should I buy a food truck through FoodTruckForSale.com?

Let us know what you are looking for and a friendly rep is going to be assigned to cater to your needs. When you ask questions, these will be answered in no time as you go along. Your rep is going to help you every step of the buying process, taking responsibility for planning, negotiating, scheduling, checking on titles, registration, and so forth.

Do you sell or share my information?

Definitely not. It is never in our system to sell or share any kind of information whatsoever. We assure you that we will never leak information of any kind coming from our customers to anybody else. We vow to keep the privacy of all information we receive.

I don’t feel safe meeting someone for the first time and paying in cash. How can you help?

No worries. Once you and the other party have come to a final agreement, you can entrust your payment to FoodTruckForSale. And then, after you have made an actual inspection of the item and are now ready to pick it up, FoodTruckForSale will then pay the seller by way of a check or a money wire.

Do used food trucks have warranties?

Unfortunately, there are no warranties on used food trucks. However, what we encourage our customers to do is to go and conduct a thorough inspection of the unit. Before making a decision to drive away with the vehicle, see to it that all your expectations have been met. Do all the necessary tests as you possibly can. Then again, in case you deem that some issues still exist and you lose interest, then you can just go and leave. No problem!

I have questions that are not covered here. How do I reach you?

Send us a message and your queries will be answered as soon as possible. Or better yet, give us a ring at 000-000-0000.

For Sellers

Why should I sell a food truck through FoodTruckForSale.com?

In this business, customer satisfaction is what we are after. We put this on top of our priorities. For a safe and hassle-free transaction, FoodTruckForSale simply brings in serious customers who are ready with cash and are committed to making a purchase. We do not want our sellers subjected to incessant phone calls or get unnecessarily irritated by tire kickers which are tedious and time-consuming. Instead, we protect sellers from those who are seemingly interested to buy but in actuality, do not have the noble intention and the means to purchase, to begin with.
Further, we assist sellers and buyers alike in order to have a smooth transaction. Leave the tasks to our professional reps – negotiating, arranging meetings, getting titles, answering inquiries to convince buyers, and so on. Above all, we have the right technology and a massive buyer list. And remember, selling at FoodTruckForSale is absolutely free.

How long will it take to sell my food truck?

It all depends upon certain factors. If you are prepared with several of your good quality photos, desired selling price, and the current state of your vehicle, among others, then it will only take a few days after your listing has been published. The more systematic and prepared you are in these aspects, the faster you can make a sale. Why is this? Of course, we boast of tons of traffic to our site each day where thousands of buyers are going to view your listing.

How will I receive the payment?

Once your buyers know the mode of payment you desire, they can bring the full payment with them during the agreed date of the inspection. However, if and when the buyer happens to dislike the unit, and cancels the purchase, we can then offer the item to whoever is the buyer next in line.

Contact us at 000-000-0000 or send us a message for immediate assistance.